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Snow plowing insurance in New Jersey! Paying high premiums for snow plowing? Contact us today.

By August 10, 2023No Comments

Don’t get left out in the cold this winter. If you remove snow for a fee, you must have insurance. Insurance for snow removal is becoming more difficult in New Jersey each year. Why? Because New Jersey is such a litigious State, someone can say they fell on a sidewalk or roadway that was recently cleared and BOOM, a lawsuit is created. Where is the proof? How do you know that person was injured on that particular site at that particular time? You do not.

That is why it is so important to have the right coverage. General Liability coverage can help protect insureds from third-party claims. The financial consequences of a lawsuit can be devastating.  Legal defense coupled with settlements, judgments, and medical bills are a few of the significant costs associated with a lawsuit.  Does this scare you, it should. 

Personal and Commercial auto policies do not automatically provide coverage for snow plowing activities performed for a fee. Getting the right coverage is so important because of the nature of the business and the legal environment.  Speakman Agency has markets for all types of snow removal operations.  We provide the right coverage with the endorsements needed to ensure you are protected in the event of a claim.

We can provide coverage for Blanket additional insureds including completed operations. Blanket waiver of subrogation and primary non-contributory coverage. These are the coverages that the contracts with your clients will ask for.

You have the ability to clear snow, we have the ability to insure your business.   Don’t wait until the snow falls to get insurance. Contact us today, you will be glad you did.